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Flames Love: Report Of Your Heart!

Have you ever thought about the love quotient between you and your partner? Can it really be measured in terms of percentages and exact terms as to what your relationship really stands for? It is possible with a fun game called FLAMES which gives you an accurate Love Report of your relationship with your beloved. It is a very cool and famous game which has gained quite some importance since its initiation. You can practically define your relationship with your beloved in the form of FLAMES which will be an impressive thing to relate to your partner. What more, if you are unattached but want to hook up with someone then you just have to use the Flames to get your Love Report with that person. You can simply propose that person on the occasion of Valentine's Day and send this Love Report for them! This will surely win over their heart for you!

Now what does FLAMES actually stand for? It has a word starting from its every letter. It is really an Acronym. The full form of Flames is as follows:


suggestion-brother-gifts suggestion-sister-gifts
Suggestion-mom-gifts suggestion-dad-gifts

Now you only have to submit your and your lover's name in a Flames software test available on net. If you want you can also take the help of our Flames and Love Report section's help. You will instantly get a result which you can either email to your beloved or take a print out of it and send them along with a basket of gift on a special occasion. If you don't know how to take pout flames with your partner, then here is the simple method for you below:

  • Write FLAMES on top of a sheet
  • Write underneath both your and your lover's name separately.
  • Now start cutting each similar letter from your names. Like if your name is ABHISHEK and your lover's name is NIKKI, then start from the first alphabet of your name and find if it is common in your lover's name. This way move on through the whole list till you is left with uncommon letters in both the names.
  • Now count the number of letters you are left with. In this case it will come out to be 6.
  • Now start moving your pencil by counting 1,2,3,4,5,6 on FLAMES. On which ever letter the count of six ends, you cut that letter and move in this manner.
  • The end letter that you remain is the result for your and your lover. In this case it would come out to be M i.e. Marriage.
  • Send this Flames And Love Report to your lover!

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